Financial Wellness Coaching

Based in the Republic of South Africa, Credit Gateway delivers seamless financial wellness products and services via innovative financial technology.

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Financial Coaches

Employees get access to real people that are licensed, trained, and dedicated to help them become more financially educated and healthy.

Our unbiased financial coaches only give your employees information and holistic guidance that is aligned to their needs and personal circumstances.

Introducing Credit Gateway e-learning

Credit College is an interactive e-learning course aimed at helping your employees understand credit as a useful asset
in their daily lives and how it should be managed properly. It will equip them with the tools to increase their credit
worth by making more informed financial decisions using important personal financial management skills.
Financial Wellness Planning

Financial Planning

Financial Wellness Goals

Setting SMART Financial Goals

Financial Wellness Budgeting

Budgeting and Saving

The course will teach them about managing their credit accounts responsibly and avoiding the debt trap resulting in less financial stress and worry on how to make ends meet.

Easy to implement, customized for you

Successfully launch Employee Assistance Program anytime of the year

Financial wellness made easy. We provide marketing & communication materials to help launch the employee assistance program successfully to your employees which builds awareness, trust and adoption. Employers receive a dedicated Credit Gateway team member to support you every step of the way.

Ongoing financial updates & information

We deliver relevant updates and financial tips to support your employees to keep your team informed and ready to respond to the world around them. We deliver customized communications that build engagement and usage over time.

Customized education materials and resources for your company

We highlight ways employees can maximize their savings and investments based on the benefits your company already provides. Your company’s goals are our goals! see a boost in employee participation for workplace benefits, while employees reach their financial goals using what you offer.

Data-driven insights

We provide high-level insights and progress updates to help employees uncover financial challenges mapped to their HR and company wide goals and highlight opportunities to effectively support their teams and employees.

Financial Wellness Planning

Employees receive curated financial education based on their specific needs, budgeting tools and tips, and our goal setting and tracking tools. Your HR team receives end to end support from plan design, and set up to rollout, employee communication resources, and engagement reporting.

Course Topics

The course will broadly deal with credit and can teach your employees how to make sound financial decisions by deepening their understanding of credit. The course will achieve this by covering the following topics:
Steps to achieving financial goals
Budgeting for financial fitness
The importance of saving
Making the decision to borrow
Costs of credit
Your rights as a consumer
Creditworthiness and affordability
Keeping a healthy credit profile
Managing my credit
For a full list of topics covered, download the course outline here.

Benefits to your employees

By completing the course, your employees will enjoy greater self-awareness of their financial fitness and will gain greater insight on how to:
Improve their own personal financial management skills
Assess and understand their financial status
Take charge of their financial situation
Create a personal budget
Make intelligent saving decisions
Understand the importance of creditworthiness when applying for credit
Manage their credit accounts responsibly
Get out and stay out of the debt ‘trap’
Understand how credit bureaus and credit reports work
Obtain their own credit report

Company Benefits

By educating your employees with this knowledge, it will allow you to build loyalty and trust among your employees. This can in turn lead to increased employee wellness and decreased absenteeism. Your employees will be able to get more out of with their current salaries due to better money management.

When and Where?

The course will be presented online through Credit Gateways online e-learning portal. This will allow you to enrol your employees when it is most convenient to you and your workforce.